Sample Words

As you have probably noticed, if you’ve been clicking around this site, Edward Weiss has written a lot of webpages. If you want to read some, go to the Sample Websites page. Sample words below are from various forms of print media.

Sample Words in Various Types of Media


Edward Weiss has written hundreds of newsletters over the years, both hardcopy versions and  HTML (email) . Experience includes all aspects of production from formatting to editing, including creating templates in email marketing programs such as Mailchimp. Here is a sample done in 3 different formats. The publication was known as B’more Central and it was produced for the Central Baltimore Partnership. Edward Weiss created, wrote, edited and did all the photographs (as well as the design and format for the email version). Design and formatting for the print and PDF versions was done by Keely Knopf.

Newsletter Writing Sample in 3 Formats (also did all the pictures) 

B’more Central Newsletter Multi-Story Format Print Version
BMore Central First Quarter Recap 2015 WEB Version


Edward Weiss supported himself as a freelance journalist for many years, producing numerous stories for trade and consumer publications, including a regular column for Food and Beverage Marketing (once the preeminent marketing publication in the U.S.) for 4 years. Lately, the journalism skills have had an outlet in newsletters, see above if you want to read some short form stuff. Below are some favorite long-form pieces.

Feature Story and Commentary Samples

Generation X
Is Baltimore the new Brooklyn? Oh, God Let’s Hope Not!
John Bunny: The Most Famous Face In The World
La Dolce Gomma Vita

Press Releases

Over the years, Edward Weiss has produced press releases that have accounted for more than a thousand media mentions. During that time press releases have evolved. With the low cost of distribution channels currently available (email, social media, etc.), press releases can now serve the dual purpose of being an information source for the news media, and a way to get your story out directly to readers.  Similarly, press release formats have evolved from the standard one page of text. They can still be that simple, or run the gamut from fully illustrated newsletter formats to videos. Here some samples.

Press Release Writing Samples (also did layout and formatting in Mailchimp)  

Long Format Press Release Sample
Long Format Advocacy Press Release Sample 
Bare Bones Media Alert Sample


Edward Weiss has worked in different capacities on a number of books through the years, ranging from textbooks to novels. Below are just examples.

He was the primary researcher for Harry Winston: The Ultimate Jeweler by S. Lawrence Krashes.  

For Doris Lessing: a Biography by Carole Klein his assignment was to make the book legally impervious to a threatened lawsuit from Doris Lessing — who objected to the creation of an unauthorized biography. Prior to publication, he backward researched all the information in the original manuscript, finding sources and creating footnotes and bibliography, while rewriting any sections that could not be substantiated with evidence.

Peter Pigeon of Snug Harbor is an award winning book, illustrated, written and designed by Edward Weiss. 

Social Media

Many projects nowadays involve a social media component. Edward Weiss has extensive experience with Social Media. Most recently he supervised Social Media for the Central Baltimore Partnership. That work  included 95% of the posting there from mid-2014 to mid-2016. During that period views rose by a 1000%, and total Followers/Page Likers, quintupled, despite limited time resources and a (3 year total) advertising budget of under $50.

Reports, Market Research Studies, etc.

Edward Weiss has extensive experience with report writing and content editing, including creating the structure and templates for different types of reports. In connection with this activity there is extensive experience interpreting data, such as that from U.S. Census, Simmons, IRI Infoscan, etc. In particular,  Edward Weiss has written quite a few market studies.

Report Writing Samples

Urban Redevelopment Progress Report: HCPI Bullet Points was a   condensed external version, of an internal progress report for the Steering Committee of The Central Baltimore Partnership. Edward Weiss created this in Mailchimp, including the template design, layout, and all photos.      

An annual printed compilation was created for HCPI Bullet Points. All content created by Edward Weiss, design by Keely Knopf.

Market Study: The Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Market 2009: was a market study published by Packaged Facts, written by Edward Weiss. This sample includes the Table of Contents and Executive Summary from the study.

Ghostwriting & Everything Else

Edward Weiss has extensive experience with Ghostwriting.  Here’s the approach — ideally, ghostwriting is not a piece of writing done under someone else’s name. It’s a  collaboration — a  back and forth — that will create a product that reflects both the voice, and thoughts, of the client. Please contact for ghostwriting  samples, as (for obvious reasons) they will not be posted here.

Likewise, Edward Weiss has worked in some kind of capacity in just about every other type of content imaginable, some of it quite esoteric.  For instance, here’s a 2-sheet created to detail trade secrets of a fictitious historian.  But there just isn’t enough room on this page to post a sample of every type of project done by Edward Weiss Words and Pictures. So if you don’t see anything on this Sample Words page that reflects what you are looking for, contact us. And we’ll see if we have some samples that will give you a better idea.