What Can Edward Weiss Words And Pictures Do For You?

Just about anything involving words and pictures can be done, and since most everything is done by one person, it can be done at a very reasonable price. Edward Weiss has extensive experience with writing, editing, and creating imagery in different mediums, for various types of print and digital media.

One specialty is turnkey WordPress website creation.   This works out to a whole (easily managed by the client) website done with an off the shelf WordPress theme, such as the free one used for this site.  This includes all content and layout, with no cost for design. It also includes a walkthrough (tutorial), so the site can easily be maintained and updated by the client.

All estimates are free. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to tell us about about your project, or give us a ring.

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Experience With Words and Pictures

It’s often difficult to find one person that has a strong track record working with both words and pictures − and formatting them into products such as websites, newsletters, etc.  Thus many projects involve working with different contractors for each aspect of production. But that can be costly.  Edward Weiss’s combined experience  with words and pictures can save the  expense and time involved in hiring multiple contractors.


Edward Weiss has written everything from songs, to market research reports, to websites. He has worked as a journalist, an author, a book doctor, a content editor, a flack, a social media manager,  a communications manager and a digital content manager.

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Visual imagery created by Edward Weiss has been exhibited in galleries on both coasts of the United States, published in books and magazines, featured on websites, and, along with written material, is in the Smithsonian Archives of American Art.  In addition to Photography for a specific project, Edward Weiss Words and Pictures has a large collection of licensable pictures of outdoor urban life (Baltimore specifically).

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