Sample Websites

Edward Weiss Words and Pictures has contributed to dozens of websites. For instance, these photos currently appear on on the,, and websites. 

Website Creation

Central Baltimore Partnership   I designed a completely new site, based on the Airi Pro Theme, that was launched in early 2022. It has been maintained by me since then. In addition to design, I have been responsibile for all the visual content except for one photo, as well as managing the writen content and the layout and creating all the videos.

I also was responsible for their previous website (launched 09/2018, major update completed 01/2021.  I designed the site, using a Sydney Pro WordPress Theme. Did all the words and pictures, aside from use of internal documents,  for the launch of this 40+ page site in 2018.  Also did all formatting and site maintenance, including SEO optimization, etc.  

In other words, since 2018, I have been responsible for every element of the Central Baltimore Partnership site from conception to launch . 

On the Explore the Core  website (launched in 2017) , I created the original content prototype for the launch. In other words:

  • I took a proprietary design created by MGH Advertising using Concrete CMS  and troubleshot all the software bugs (referring them back to developers for re-coding)
  • I did all the copywriting, still photography and formatting needed to launch the site
  • Then I submitted the site to other parties — neighborhood organizations, sponsors, etc. — that wanted to write their own copy.

I returned to the website in 2018, when I did a major update with several  new pages, including a blog that replaced the calendar. Maintained this website  (including blog updates) through 2020, when the URL was taken down after the campaign was suspended . The link above is to a copy of the original launch site.    

Small Arts and Professional Websites 2016-2018

All the words and pictures and formatting for the following sample websites were created by Edward Weiss Words and Pictures using WordPress Themes.

Forgotten History of Staten Island (a NYSCA-Funded Public Art Project)

This is the official blog for the project. I also created the Art Project itself that was funded by the New York State Council of the Arts (NYSCA). Done with a free WordPress Theme and free hosting.

Edward Weiss Words and Pictures (This site)

Unsurprisingly enough, I created the site you are looking at right now. This was done in an off the shelf WordPress Theme, with hosting by 1and1.

Keep Baltimore Inexplicable (Conceptual Art Project in the Form of a Public interest Campaign)

This site was created to accompany grant proposals. The concept was built on an oddball public interest campaign getting endorsements from deceased historical figures. Though lighthearted, the intent was a serious effort to get people to examine the contradictions in Baltimore’s history and think about what it’s future identity could be.  Done with a free WordPress Theme and free hosting.